1.                                      POETRY THURSDAYS at MIDTOWN SCHOLAR 
  2. Midtown Scholar Bookstore 

    1302 North Third Street,  
    Harrisburg, PA 17102 
    Phone: 717.236.1680 

    The Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel hosts  
    a community reading series  
    every Thursday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. 

                                                                       Open to all who'd like to share  or listen to the many varieties of spoken word                                                            -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


           October 27-- October Country open reading


 October 27. Our theme centers about the varied color & imagery of the late, great Ray Bradbury. 
And the 
verse of Walt Whitman. 

Our themes are only suggested.  As always, read what you like, no restrictions. 


                       November 3-- open November mic
   November 10-- Jessica Flynn 
      November 17-- open poetry reading 
November 24-- Thanksgiving holiday (no reading)


            Philadelphia native and Hummelstown Poet Jack Veasey passed away this year.
            Jack was a fine man and an excellent poet. At the Midtown Scholar Bookstore
            the Poetry Cartel hosted a Jack Veasey memorial reading on August 25. 
            There was an open reading and a featured reading of Veasey's poems by 
            Harrisburg poet laureate Rick Kearns, Bill Fritz, Carla Christopher and others.

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                                                                      August 11, Keith Snow, featured performer.

                               7-9pm. Poetry Thursdays, since 1999, a continuing poetry series,  
                               now held weekly at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore, 1302 N. Third Street


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Great Moments in Poetry History:

Marianne Moore and Muhammad Ali writing a sonnet together


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                                  June 25, 2014-- Lady Glori at Midtown Scholar
                                                                                                                              Christine O'Leary-Rockey, August 2015




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Onomatopoeia Thursday, our annual open reading featuring passionate imitations of sounds 
made by, 
or associated with, their referent. Wha? 
                                                                           You know, whiz, bang! burrrp, kerflooie!
          Like sounds from dinosaur grunts to whirring star-ship engines, choking on a peach pit anapestically, 
or, if one were to gargle “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”?  

             ArgGHHhh! I mean, you could just read a sonically-neutral regular poem if you like. 
         We only suggest themes, we don't bully.

   Some sound poetics were used by poetry movements like the beat generation in the fifties, or the spoken word 
in the 80's, and by other art and music movements that brought up new forms such as text sound art 
that may be used 
for sound poems which more closely resemble fiction or even essays. 
Words are sounds. "Zing, went the strings of my heart!"

                                                     "Pocketa pocketa-pocketa pocketa." --James Thurber, The Secret Life ofWalter Mitty

"Zang-tumb-tumb-zang-zang-tuuumb tatatatatatatata picpacpampacpacpicpampampac uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..." -Marinetti
                                       Gigantic troubadour, speaking like a siege gun!
                   - Vachel Lindsay, "Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan"



                                                                             from poetry cartel archives:







          The Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel, a true American
       institution, has been at Harrisburg's Midtown Scholar Bookstore's
       Internet Cafe since September 2012. 
But we've been taking care of 
business much longer than that.
Poetry Thursdays has met (almost) every Thursday 
since April 1999. 
                           Venues? Well, just to name a few:
                                      Sweet Passions, 3rd St, Harrisburg, 1999--2001
                       Sparky & Clarks, 2d St, Hbg. 2001--2002
                     Gamut Theater, Strawberry Sq. Hbg. 2003
                    Susquehanna Art Museum, Hbg. 2003--2007
                       Crimson Frog, Cedar Cliff Mall, Camp Hill, 2007--2008
 Midtown Cinema, Harrisburg, 2008--2012
          Midtown Scholar, Harrisburg, 2012--present